About Us

My goal is to offer unique and trendy pieces that is affordable to everyone.... I want my pieces to motivate, encourage and help those in their daily struggles... when they wear their Karamella I want it to make them feel special.

I like to start with a traditional design and then personalize and make it original.  Because of this approach, my pieces can integrate well into both traditional and modern trends.

My business is a one woman show. I do it all- buying, designing, marketing, packing, shipping, delivering- it all goes through me. This is hard work but it also ensures and maintains quality control. Because I design and create the pieces myself, I make sure every little detail is as it should be. Every gemstone and element is attached and secured properly, and designs are made to the standard I want and expect. I stand behind all my designs and products. 

 Thank you for supporting my dream. It means the world to me and I hope my creations bring much joy and meaning to you.