Flamingo Charm Bracelets

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F •L• A •M• I •N• G• O 💗

Did you know 〰️

Flamingo is a powerful animal totem with different symbolic meanings. The flamingo is a symbol of strong emotions that may be hidden inside of you. If the flamingo appears either in your waking life or in your dream, it means that you should release your emotions and let them be your guidance in life.


Also, we can say that the flamingo may symbolize fun and relaxation. If this bird appears in your life, it means that it is time for fun. The flamingo is actually telling you to go out and to spend time with your friends.


If you see a flamingo or if it appears in your dreams, then it must be a warning for you to get rid of all negative things from your life. You have to change your way of thinking and to leave your past behind. It is time to be more positive and to focus on the things that are really important in your life.


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